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Monocrystalline Half Cell Module


  • 108 Cell Monocrystalline Module
  • 390W-410W Power Output Range
  • 20.97% Maximum Efficiency 
  • 0 to +3% Positive Power Tolerance 

Tidesolar PV Module 410W (Pallet x 36)

1 Gram
    • Mismatch loss reduction for maximum efficiency
    • Competitive low light preformance
    • BOS's reduced and increased ROI is ideal for commercial and industrial scale projects
    • Reduced power loss by minimising the effect of shadow shading
    • Two EL tests to ensure the best quality 
    • Proven reliability through PVEL's rigorous weatherproofing tests:
      - Dust, acid, and alkali resistance, hail test
      - 2400pa wind pressure and 5400pa snow pressure
      - Anti PiD
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